Rodents (Rats\Mice\Bandicoot rat)

Rats in your property doesn’t necessarily mean your place is dirty. Rats are attracted to anywhere there is food, water and shelter. Only small holes are required for a rat to squeeze through. Rodent control is important to avoid contracting and spreading a number of serious diseases, which rats are known to transmit. The Center for Disease Control lists nearly a dozen diseases directly linked to rodents.

  • Rodents can be very persistent and if they manage to gain access into your home or business they can spread these diseases, cause considerable damage and contaminate food.
  • Rodents can damage your home’s insulation.
  • They can chew through floor joists and walls.
  • They can cause fires by chewing on electrical cables.
  • Rodents can undermine hill sides, retaining walls and other similar structures through their burrowing activity.
  • Even rats in the yard and outside can also present tremendous risk, particularly since those areas are visited by children and pets.

It is often easier to spot signs of a problem, rather than the actual pest. Rat droppings, scratching noises, footprints (running tracks), distinctive smell, rub marks, damage, nests and burrows. Professional rat removal is the quickest and most effective way to get rid of rats. Expert services offer a reliable way to get rid of rats.

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